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the first weekend in may, we packed our bags, hopped on the train and enjoyed the scenery on the way to meet up withShow me more »

sevilla: feria de abril 2011

hey friends! like i said in the last post, we’re back! it was pretty bittersweet, leaving the place we calledShow me more »

back in the u.s.a

hello all! we’re glad to say we’ve made it safely back to the states. it’s weird and awesome all atShow me more »

¡happy weekend!

i’m a bit behind schedule, thanks to my dad for visiting this week, but i’ll gladly take that excuse forShow me more »

gibraltar + ronda

a few images from recent trips to gibraltar and ronda, spain. i’d like to give a special thanks to all the littleShow me more »

abby | portraits in sevilla | spain

this girl is such a doll, but before i say anything else, go ahead and scroll through a few of these images andShow me more »

hello and see you soon!

good morning, world! i’m just dropping in to say a quick “hello”, before we’re off to guideShow me more »

barcelona: part dos

some of my favorite images to date have arrived on the blog! maybe because my hubs is so adorable or maybe it’sShow me more »

barcelona: part uno

barcelona, oh, barcelona! how we love thee! as you might be guessing, we have fallen in love with barcelona.Show me more »

sevilla: dos

happy february, everyone! i’m so glad it’s the start of a new month. not that january wasn’t a goodShow me more »