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jessica & evan | modern, oxford exchange wedding | tampa, fl

oxford-exchange-wedding01P I NWe flew down to Tampa after having met Jess once, but her vivacious personality and zest for life had us looking forward to her FUN wedding all year. Jess & Evan know what they like and what they like happens to be exactly the things that we like. Basically, having them in front of our cameras was a dream. We could have spent the entire three day trip in their amazing wedding venue alone – The Oxford Exchange. You’ll see what I’m talking about. Also, guys, Tampa is pretty cool. We definitely want to go back and explore more of this awesome (and slightly underrated) city!

A few things to note – Evan & Jess flew in almost all of their vendors which we’re all about, partly for our travel loving hearts, but also because we flew in our photographer for our own wedding. Evan & Jess took that concept up a notch. Their videographers – Two Cents Photo + Film – are a lovely duo in North Carolina who we now adore. Hire them. ­čśë Also, their uber talented florist/stylist came all the way from sunny California… surely you’ve seen Siren Floral Co.┬ápop up on your insta feed a time or two. She’s pretty amazing at what she does. I could go on for days about it all, but just know that we loved everything about this day – the couple, the place, the styling & vendors – it was all so perfect.
oxford-exchange-wedding02P I N oxford-exchange-wedding03P I N oxford-exchange-wedding05P I N oxford-exchange-wedding04P I N oxford-exchange-wedding07P I N oxford-exchange-wedding08P I N oxford-exchange-wedding09P I N oxford-exchange-wedding10P I N oxford-exchange-wedding11P I N oxford-exchange-wedding12P I N oxford-exchange-wedding13P I N oxford-exchange-wedding14P I N oxford-exchange-wedding15P I N oxford-exchange-wedding16P I N oxford-exchange-wedding17P I N oxford-exchange-wedding18P I N oxford-exchange-wedding19P I N oxford-exchange-wedding20P I N oxford-exchange-wedding21P I N oxford-exchange-wedding22P I N oxford-exchange-wedding23P I N oxford-exchange-wedding24P I N oxford-exchange-wedding25P I N oxford-exchange-wedding26P I N oxford-exchange-wedding27P I N

No one seemed to notice that the “getting ready” music was still playing in the background during the First Look, until Jess started dying laughing that “Hot in Herre” by Nelly was setting the mood. We all lost it at that point.

oxford-exchange-wedding28P I N oxford-exchange-wedding29P I N oxford-exchange-wedding30P I N oxford-exchange-wedding31P I N oxford-exchange-wedding32P I N oxford-exchange-wedding33P I N oxford-exchange-wedding34P I N oxford-exchange-wedding35P I N oxford-exchange-wedding36P I N oxford-exchange-wedding37P I N oxford-exchange-wedding38P I N oxford-exchange-wedding39P I N oxford-exchange-wedding40P I N oxford-exchange-wedding41P I N oxford-exchange-wedding42P I N oxford-exchange-wedding43P I N oxford-exchange-wedding44P I N oxford-exchange-wedding45P I N oxford-exchange-wedding46P I N oxford-exchange-wedding47P I N oxford-exchange-wedding48P I N oxford-exchange-wedding49P I N oxford-exchange-wedding50P I N oxford-exchange-wedding51P I N oxford-exchange-wedding52P I N oxford-exchange-wedding53P I N oxford-exchange-wedding54P I N oxford-exchange-wedding55P I N oxford-exchange-wedding56P I N oxford-exchange-wedding57P I N oxford-exchange-wedding58P I N oxford-exchange-wedding59P I N oxford-exchange-wedding60P I N oxford-exchange-wedding61P I N oxford-exchange-wedding62P I N oxford-exchange-wedding63P I N oxford-exchange-wedding64P I N oxford-exchange-wedding65P I N oxford-exchange-wedding66P I N oxford-exchange-wedding67P I N oxford-exchange-wedding68P I N oxford-exchange-wedding69P I N oxford-exchange-wedding70P I N oxford-exchange-wedding71P I N oxford-exchange-wedding72P I N oxford-exchange-wedding73P I N oxford-exchange-wedding74P I N oxford-exchange-wedding75P I N oxford-exchange-wedding76P I N oxford-exchange-wedding77P I N oxford-exchange-wedding78P I N oxford-exchange-wedding79P I N oxford-exchange-wedding80P I N oxford-exchange-wedding81P I N oxford-exchange-wedding82P I N oxford-exchange-wedding83P I N oxford-exchange-wedding84P I N oxford-exchange-wedding85P I N oxford-exchange-wedding86P I N oxford-exchange-wedding87P I N oxford-exchange-wedding88P I N oxford-exchange-wedding89P I N oxford-exchange-wedding90P I N oxford-exchange-wedding91P I N oxford-exchange-wedding92P I N

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