industrial_winter_wedding001P I NSarah & Trey are a sentimental pair who put together the coolest industrial winter wedding. Their sweet and romantic connection was evident in so much of the day + their killer style made it’s mark on just about every detail. The wedding took place at Gas Studios in the hip small town of Florence. We’re always game for a warehouse with tons of natural light and exposed brick…. Mmmm Hmm. Sarah & Trey hand wrote their vows to one another (multiple pages for each, I might add!) and opted to read them privately to one another during the ceremony while a groomsman played music. It was such a sweet way for this couple to break from the norm and do something more their style. The touches of winter greenery were cozy and seasonal without shouting “It’s almost Christmas”. The bride rocked her Stone Cold Fox gown and the groom looked sharp in Billy Reid (in true Florence fashion). Basically, we’d sum up this wedding with two words: Effortlessly cool.

industrial_winter_wedding002P I N industrial_winter_wedding003P I N industrial_winter_wedding004P I N industrial_winter_wedding005P I N industrial_winter_wedding006P I N industrial_winter_wedding007P I N industrial_winter_wedding008P I N industrial_winter_wedding009P I N industrial_winter_wedding010P I N industrial_winter_wedding011P I N industrial_winter_wedding012P I N industrial_winter_wedding013P I N industrial_winter_wedding014P I N industrial_winter_wedding015P I N industrial_winter_wedding016P I N industrial_winter_wedding017P I N industrial_winter_wedding018P I N

How awesome is that evergreen wreath wall!?

industrial_winter_wedding019P I N industrial_winter_wedding020P I N industrial_winter_wedding021P I N industrial_winter_wedding022P I N industrial_winter_wedding023P I N industrial_winter_wedding024P I N industrial_winter_wedding025P I N industrial_winter_wedding026P I N industrial_winter_wedding027P I N industrial_winter_wedding028P I N industrial_winter_wedding029P I N industrial_winter_wedding030P I N

It doesn’t get much more adorable than this, folks!

industrial_winter_wedding031P I N industrial_winter_wedding032P I N industrial_winter_wedding033P I N industrial_winter_wedding034P I N industrial_winter_wedding035P I N industrial_winter_wedding036P I N industrial_winter_wedding037P I N industrial_winter_wedding038P I N industrial_winter_wedding039P I N industrial_winter_wedding040P I N industrial_winter_wedding041P I N industrial_winter_wedding042P I N industrial_winter_wedding043P I N industrial_winter_wedding044P I N industrial_winter_wedding045P I N industrial_winter_wedding046P I N industrial_winter_wedding047P I N industrial_winter_wedding048P I N industrial_winter_wedding049P I N industrial_winter_wedding050P I N industrial_winter_wedding051P I N industrial_winter_wedding052P I N industrial_winter_wedding053P I N industrial_winter_wedding054P I N industrial_winter_wedding055P I N industrial_winter_wedding056P I N industrial_winter_wedding057P I N industrial_winter_wedding058P I N industrial_winter_wedding059P I N industrial_winter_wedding060P I N industrial_winter_wedding061P I N industrial_winter_wedding062P I N industrial_winter_wedding063P I N industrial_winter_wedding064P I N industrial_winter_wedding065P I N industrial_winter_wedding066P I N industrial_winter_wedding067P I N industrial_winter_wedding069P I N

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organic_southern_weddingP I N

The simple, organic details of this southern wedding are a direct reflection of Sarah & Michael. I have to brag on them right off the bat… They are the amazingly talented duo behind Loyal Stricklin. Their handmade goods are quality crafted and all-around awesome. Actually, Sarah started out as Michael’s employee. After day in and day out of working side by side, they realized that they’re actually quite a good match!

We’ve had so many bride’s rock Sarah Seven gowns this year and it’s made me happier than a kid on Christmas. Sarah’s was exceptionally lovely and extra delicate. She finished her look with adorable and understated Madewell booties. Our mutual friend, Sarah of Ragan House, illustrated their naturally styled paper goods + pulled double duty as a bridesmaid. 😉 We fell in love with the Water Oak Manor at this wedding. If you’re looking for a killer venue in Auburn, check ’em out! Sarah & Michael were so thoughtful throughout their wedding day. One of our favorite little details were their gifts for the wedding party. None other than flat packs filled with goodies for the guys and hand-carved spoons for the ladies; each one made by the happy couple. Finally, we’ll close out this little blurb by saying: Clear tents > white tents. Everyone’s doing it. 😉

organic_southern_wedding002P I N organic_southern_wedding003P I N organic_southern_wedding004P I N organic_southern_wedding005P I N organic_southern_wedding006P I N organic_southern_wedding007P I N organic_southern_wedding008P I N organic_southern_wedding009P I N organic_southern_wedding010P I N organic_southern_wedding011P I N organic_southern_wedding012P I N organic_southern_wedding014P I N organic_southern_wedding015P I N organic_southern_wedding016P I N organic_southern_wedding017P I N organic_southern_wedding018P I N organic_southern_wedding019P I N organic_southern_wedding020P I N organic_southern_wedding021P I N organic_southern_wedding022P I N organic_southern_wedding023P I N organic_southern_wedding024P I N organic_southern_wedding025P I N organic_southern_wedding026P I N organic_southern_wedding027P I N organic_southern_wedding028P I N organic_southern_wedding029P I N organic_southern_wedding030P I N organic_southern_wedding031P I N organic_southern_wedding032P I N organic_southern_wedding033P I N organic_southern_wedding034P I N organic_southern_wedding035P I N organic_southern_wedding036P I N organic_southern_wedding037P I N organic_southern_wedding038P I N organic_southern_wedding039P I N organic_southern_wedding040P I N organic_southern_wedding041P I N organic_southern_wedding042P I N organic_southern_wedding043P I N organic_southern_wedding044P I N organic_southern_wedding045P I N organic_southern_wedding046P I N organic_southern_wedding047P I N organic_southern_wedding048P I N organic_southern_wedding049P I N organic_southern_wedding050P I N organic_southern_wedding051P I N organic_southern_wedding052P I N organic_southern_wedding053P I N organic_southern_wedding054P I N organic_southern_wedding055P I N organic_southern_wedding056P I N organic_southern_wedding057P I N organic_southern_wedding058P I N organic_southern_wedding059P I N organic_southern_wedding060P I N organic_southern_wedding061P I N organic_southern_wedding062P I N organic_southern_wedding063P I N organic_southern_wedding064P I N organic_southern_wedding065P I N organic_southern_wedding066P I N organic_southern_wedding067P I N organic_southern_wedding068P I N organic_southern_wedding069P I N organic_southern_wedding071P I N organic_southern_wedding072P I N organic_southern_wedding073P I N organic_southern_wedding074P I N organic_southern_wedding075P I N organic_southern_wedding076P I N organic_southern_wedding077P I N organic_southern_wedding078P I N organic_southern_wedding079P I N organic_southern_wedding080P I N organic_southern_wedding081P I N organic_southern_wedding082P I N organic_southern_wedding083P I N organic_southern_wedding084P I N organic_southern_wedding085P I N organic_southern_wedding086P I N organic_southern_wedding087P I N organic_southern_wedding088P I N organic_southern_wedding089P I N organic_southern_wedding090P I N organic_southern_wedding091P I N organic_southern_wedding092P I N organic_southern_wedding093P I N organic_southern_wedding094P I N organic_southern_wedding095P I N organic_southern_wedding096P I N organic_southern_wedding097P I N organic_southern_wedding098P I N organic_southern_wedding099P I N organic_southern_wedding100P I N

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  • Donna - Exquisite. Teary-eyed. Majestic possibilities evident. Wow, I feel like I was there. Awesome photography. Cool window perspective. Successful capture of happiness.

edgy_wedding_style001P I N

THIS. WEDDING. oh my! Suzy & Steven are two unique artists who fell deeply in love and crafted a wedding unlike any other. I have to preface this post by stating that it literally rained the entire wedding day and these two embraced it. Every bride & groom can take a note out of their book – enjoy your day for what it is and don’t be afraid to get a little wet. Some of our favorite images to date are these right here. In the rain. Yes, it was an added challenge. Yes, it was worth it.

Suzy & Steven’s edgy wedding style had us drooling all dang day. Suzy’s incredible laced gown was none other than BHLDN and she knocked the whole mismatched bridesmaids thing out of the park with the jewel-toned gowns also from BHLDN. Steven hand-picked and coordinated the outfit for each of his men – playing off of early 1900s newsie style. Suzy is a talented painter, illustrator and champion of all things crafty. I’m pretty sure she’s one of those gals who can tackle any sort of artistic project you throw her way. Steven is an equally talented musician and member of the Underhill Family Orchestra. You should give their music a listen if you like good music. 😉 One of our favorite moments of the day was the ceremony processional. Each couple walking down the aisle donned a musical instrument, singing and playing “If It’s the Beaches” by the Avett Brothers. That song, with the rain steadily coming down… It was straight up dreamy & very fitting for the musically inclined groom.

Friends & family played a huge role in the DIY aspect of Suzy & Steven’s day. Family members baked homemade desserts, as well as, the roasted pig in true Philippine tradition. The couple’s talented friend, Tori of Victoria Austin Designs, designed the richly-hued floral pieces. Not to mention, the already large and in-charge wedding party grew by two more the day before the wedding when two friends flew in from Norway to surprise Suzy & Steven!

edgy_wedding_style002P I N edgy_wedding_style003P I N edgy_wedding_style004P I N edgy_wedding_style005P I N edgy_wedding_style006P I N edgy_wedding_style007P I N edgy_wedding_style008P I N edgy_wedding_style009P I N edgy_wedding_style010P I N edgy_wedding_style011P I N edgy_wedding_style012P I N edgy_wedding_style013P I N edgy_wedding_style014P I N edgy_wedding_style015P I N edgy_wedding_style017P I N edgy_wedding_style018P I N edgy_wedding_style019P I N edgy_wedding_style020P I N edgy_wedding_style021P I N edgy_wedding_style022P I N edgy_wedding_style023P I N edgy_wedding_style024P I N edgy_wedding_style025P I N edgy_wedding_style026P I N edgy_wedding_style027P I N edgy_wedding_style028P I N edgy_wedding_style029P I N edgy_wedding_style030P I N edgy_wedding_style031P I N edgy_wedding_style032P I N edgy_wedding_style033P I N edgy_wedding_style034P I N edgy_wedding_style035P I N edgy_wedding_style036P I N edgy_wedding_style037P I N edgy_wedding_style038P I N edgy_wedding_style039P I N edgy_wedding_style040P I N edgy_wedding_style041P I N edgy_wedding_style042P I N edgy_wedding_style043P I N edgy_wedding_style044P I N edgy_wedding_style045P I N edgy_wedding_style046P I N edgy_wedding_style047P I N edgy_wedding_style048P I N edgy_wedding_style049P I N edgy_wedding_style050P I N edgy_wedding_style051P I N edgy_wedding_style052P I N edgy_wedding_style053P I N edgy_wedding_style054P I N edgy_wedding_style055P I N edgy_wedding_style056P I N edgy_wedding_style057P I N edgy_wedding_style058P I N edgy_wedding_style059P I N edgy_wedding_style060P I N edgy_wedding_style061P I N edgy_wedding_style062P I N edgy_wedding_style063P I N edgy_wedding_style064P I N edgy_wedding_style065P I N edgy_wedding_style066P I N edgy_wedding_style067P I N edgy_wedding_style069P I N edgy_wedding_style070P I N edgy_wedding_style071P I N edgy_wedding_style072P I N edgy_wedding_style073P I N edgy_wedding_style074P I N edgy_wedding_style075P I N edgy_wedding_style076P I N edgy_wedding_style077P I N edgy_wedding_style078P I N edgy_wedding_style079P I N edgy_wedding_style080P I N edgy_wedding_style081P I N edgy_wedding_style082P I N edgy_wedding_style083P I N edgy_wedding_style084P I N edgy_wedding_style085P I N edgy_wedding_style086P I N edgy_wedding_style087P I N edgy_wedding_style088P I N edgy_wedding_style089P I N edgy_wedding_style090P I N edgy_wedding_style091P I N edgy_wedding_style092P I N edgy_wedding_style093P I N edgy_wedding_style094P I N edgy_wedding_style095P I N edgy_wedding_style096P I N edgy_wedding_style097P I N edgy_wedding_style098P I N edgy_wedding_style099P I N edgy_wedding_style100P I N edgy_wedding_style101P I N edgy_wedding_style102P I N edgy_wedding_style103P I N edgy_wedding_style104P I N edgy_wedding_style105P I N edgy_wedding_style106P I N edgy_wedding_style107P I N edgy_wedding_style108P I N edgy_wedding_style109P I N edgy_wedding_style110P I N edgy_wedding_style111P I N edgy_wedding_style112P I N edgy_wedding_style113P I N

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  • Karen Cassidy - The entire set of photos is spectacular; I’m very impressed with the photographer, the wedding party, the setting, the lighting, the environment, the wardrobe, the flowers, everything. Precious!