blue_ridge_elopement21P I N

Our family travels to North Georgia every Autumn and it’s easily become one of our favorite locales to visit each year, so when Danielle & Dane contacted us about their elopement in Blue Ridge, we were stoked! Danielle & Dane hale from West Texas, where there are a lot of tumbleweeds and not many trees. The decision to elope in the Blue Ridge Mountains came easy for these two laid-back leaf lookers (as the locals like to call the Fall tourists). Everything about Danielle & Dane’s day was a total dream. The Autumn color was on point the day of the elopement and the fact that these two decided to say their vows on a rock in the middle of the Toccoa River = Freaking awesome. We hopped along the rocks and drove down winding roads in search of the best Blue Ridge had to offer; I think we found it! We can’t thank these guys enough for exploring with us and trusting our vision!

We love shooting elopements. Especially adventurous ones. Bring ’em on!

blue_ridge_elopement03P I N blue_ridge_elopement04P I N blue_ridge_elopement05P I N blue_ridge_elopement06P I N blue_ridge_elopement07P I N blue_ridge_elopement08P I N blue_ridge_elopement09P I N blue_ridge_elopement10P I N blue_ridge_elopement11P I N blue_ridge_elopement12P I N blue_ridge_elopement13P I N blue_ridge_elopement14P I N blue_ridge_elopement15P I N blue_ridge_elopement16P I N blue_ridge_elopement17P I N blue_ridge_elopement18P I N blue_ridge_elopement19P I N blue_ridge_elopement20P I N blue_ridge_elopement22P I N blue_ridge_elopement23P I N blue_ridge_elopement24P I N blue_ridge_elopement25P I N blue_ridge_elopement26P I N blue_ridge_elopement27P I N blue_ridge_elopement28P I N blue_ridge_elopement29P I N blue_ridge_elopement30P I N blue_ridge_elopement31P I N blue_ridge_elopement32P I N blue_ridge_elopement33P I N

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swann_lake_stables_wedding001P I NWe’ve had the honor to photograph countless weddings at Swann Lake Stables and no two are ever the same. It’s one of those places that never gets old.

Caroline & Mel crafted a day full of lovely, organic details and heartfelt moments. We’re loving the mismatched bridesmaid trend and Caroline nailed it with her subtle, dusty-hued color palette. Girl’s got style for days. Plus, the deep tones in the Marked florals were autumnal perfection. Caroline & Mel are two of the most darling people we’ve had the opportunity to photograph. They love well and effortlessly. Their wedding day wasn’t simply about throwing a pretty party, but it was about creating a solid foundation for their marriage and their future. A true blessing to witness and photograph.
swann_lake_stables_wedding002P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding003P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding004P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding005P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding006P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding007P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding008P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding009P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding010P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding011P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding012P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding013P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding014P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding015P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding016P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding017P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding018P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding019P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding020P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding021P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding022P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding023P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding024P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding025P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding026P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding027P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding028P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding029P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding030P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding031P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding032P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding033P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding034P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding035P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding036P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding038P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding039P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding040P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding041P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding042P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding043P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding044P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding046P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding045P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding047P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding048P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding049P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding050P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding051P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding052P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding053P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding054P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding055P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding056P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding057P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding058P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding059P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding060P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding061P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding062P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding063P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding064P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding065P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding066P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding067P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding068P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding069P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding070P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding071P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding072P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding073P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding074P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding075P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding076P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding077P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding078P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding079P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding080P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding081P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding082P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding083P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding084P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding085P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding086P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding087P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding088P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding089P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding090P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding091P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding092P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding093P I N swann_lake_stables_wedding094P I N

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alabama farm weddingP I NPortrait time with our couples on the wedding day is one of our favorite moments every time. We got Mallory & Payne away from the crowd just as the last light of day slipped from golden hour to blue hour. The barely there light, created such a soft, romantic scene around these two. Swoon!

alabama farm wedding002P I N alabama farm wedding003P I N alabama farm wedding004P I N alabama farm weddingP I N alabama farm wedding005P I N alabama farm wedding006P I N alabama farm wedding007P I N alabama farm wedding008P I N alabama farm wedding009P I N alabama farm wedding010P I N alabama farm wedding013P I N alabama farm wedding012P I N alabama farm wedding011P I N alabama farm wedding015P I N alabama farm wedding016P I N alabama farm wedding017P I N

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