j & d farms weddingP I N

This sweet wedding was such a joy to document. Yessenia & Gustavo are open, genuine and kind. Their story and the meaning behind their marriage is one of redemption and simply put, it’s beautiful. Yessenia grew up in Peru, while Gustavo is originally from Mexico. We loved the blend of Hispanic and American traditions throughout their wedding. J&D Farms is one of Alabama’s best wedding venues, so when Yessenia & Gustavo told us they were getting married there, we were 100% on board. No detail was left untouched on their beautiful day, but what struck us the most were a handful of simple portraits we snagged of the couple in an open field as the sun dipped below the horizon.

j & d farms weddingP I N j & d farms weddingP I N j & d farms weddingP I N j & d farms weddingP I N j & d farms weddingP I N j&d farms weddingP I N j & d farms weddingP I N j & d farms weddingP I N j & d farms weddingP I N

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iceland-golden-circle01P I NSome of you may know, if you followed along via instagram, that we took a little 3 week trip through Europe back in late March/early April. We decided to celebrate our 5 year anniversary a bit early. Today is our actual anniversary and we’re so excited to share a tiny look into our trip. It’s been fun to start editing/reliving every little moment.

We began our trip in Iceland. Iceland has quickly become the “it” place to visit and for good reason. It’s one of the most awe-inspiring, naturally beautiful places on earth. We were longing to return as soon as we got home. Spain is the only other country where we’ve felt that attachment. Most places we enjoy our visit and check it off the list, but with so many other countries and cultures to experience, we know we’ll probably never go back. Iceland is different. We’d go there 100 times and never tire of the sights, the food, the culture…

We landed in Iceland, hopped in the rental car and headed straight for the famous Golden Circle. Our jet lag, the bitter winds and sudden snowstorms couldn’t hold us back from taking in all this amazing place has to offer. Happy anniversary to us! 😉 iceland-golden-circle02P I N iceland-golden-circle04P I N iceland-golden-circle05P I N iceland-golden-circle06P I N iceland-golden-circle07P I N iceland-golden-circle08P I N iceland-golden-circle09P I N iceland-golden-circle10P I N iceland-golden-circle11P I N iceland-golden-circle12P I N iceland-golden-circle13P I N

One of our favorite places we stayed was the Heradsskolinn Hostel which translates to “Old School”. The house was originally built in 1928; It’s completely decorated with eclectic antiques, has tons of wooden toys for little kiddos and a cozy cafe. Plus, it has amazing views of the lake, farmland and mountains.

iceland-golden-circle14P I N iceland-golden-circle15P I N iceland-golden-circle16P I N iceland-golden-circle17P I N iceland-golden-circle18P I N iceland-golden-circle19P I N iceland-golden-circle20P I N iceland-golden-circle21P I N iceland-golden-circle22P I N iceland-golden-circle23P I N iceland-golden-circle24P I N

One of our favorite memories took place within our first few hours in this glorious country. When we arrived at Gullfoss, it was a downright blizzard. We braved the winds to catch our first glimpse of the giant, gushing force of a waterfall. After about 5 minutes and losing a couple of fingers to frostbite, we headed indoors for a cup of coffee. By the time we sat down with our drinks, the snow was gone and it was a bright, sunny day. There’s an Icelandic saying, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes”, but we didn’t expect to experience it within the first few hours of exploring. We quickly realized that our entire trip would be characterized by Iceland’s unpredictable and rapid weather changes and we loved it!

iceland-golden-circle26P I N iceland-golden-circle25P I N iceland-golden-circle28P I N iceland-golden-circle27P I N iceland-golden-circle31P I N iceland-golden-circle32P I N iceland-golden-circle30P I N iceland-golden-circle33P I N iceland-golden-circle29P I N iceland-golden-circle34P I N iceland-golden-circle35P I N iceland-golden-circle36P I N iceland-golden-circle37P I N

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